Offshore Fortress was founded by Henry Hill. Henry is a Global entrepreneur who has spent the last 25 years living and working overseas. Henry has spent many years based in Monaco.

Henry uses the Offshore structures that he advises clients on. Unlike many people offering advice in the offshore world he knows from his own experience what works and what doesn’t work.

Henry has worked in different industries worldwide, including financial services, property and manufacturing and has been a director of Companies listed on major European stock exchanges.

Offshore Fortress works with lawyers, accountants and tax advisers in multiple jurisdictions to put in place the best structures to make you immune from taxes and lawsuits.

We build a fortress around you and your assets giving you the peace of mind to get on with running your business and creating value without worrying about being attacked by outside forces.

Anyone who has been successful in business knows that when you  have achieved even a modicum of success you will inevitably be attacked by all sorts of parasites trying to steal some of your hard earned assets.

These parasites range from tax collectors and other government agencies to ex-wives and former employees.

 We believe that privacy is key and what your enemies don’t know about they can’t try to seize.

Your aim should be to control as much as possible while owning nothing. As Nelson Rockefeller once said “The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything”. That is the founding principle of Offshore Fortress.

Our team will help you achieve exactly that while increasing your personal freedom by introducing you to opportunities to acquire new citizenships, often at little or zero cost.

We keep no records in the EU or USA and we can guarantee that all your dealings with us are completely private.

Setting up an offshore structure with the help of professionals in your home country doesn’t make sense. There will be a permanent record in your home country of the new structure that you set up which may be subpoenaed at a later date if you run into problems which your offshore structure is set up to protect you against.

Secrecy is key to protecting your assets. The fewer people who know the details the better for you.

We bring a unique perspective to this business. By understanding your goals and what you want to achieve in going offshore we can help you build the most solid foundation for your offshore life. We ensure that everything you’re doing is legal, compliant and protects you 100%.

In fact we are the only company in the offshore industry that offers 100% money back guarantee if our services don’t work exactly as we describe them, provided they’ve been correctly implemented.

If you’d like help with your offshore asset protection and tax elimination strategy get in touch here: