Second Passports: A Key Tool for Freedom

second passports

Many people wonder why they might need a second or even third passport.

After all , what is a passport and why is it needed?

 A passport is a government document needed to travel virtually everywhere nowadays. Unfortunately it can be cancelled by your government whenever it chooses.

US citizens can find their passports cancelled if they are accused of owing more than $50,000 in taxes. Passports can be cancelled over child custody disputes.

In the UK football fans can be banned from using their passports to travel to overseas matches. Anyone accused of a crime can be stripped of their right to travel.

In the recent case of Carlos Ghosn, the former chief executive of Nissan, he was able to escape a potential 15 year prison sentence in Japan in part because he holds three citizenship. Ghosn had passports from Lebanon, Brazil and France. None of these countries extradites their own nationals. For Ghosn having multiple citizenships was quite literally a get out of jail free card.

In another recent case technology entrepreneur, John Mcafee was detained in the Dominican Republic. He is wanted by the US authorities for failing to file tax returns. Mcafee holds dual UK and US nationality so when faced with being shipped back to a US prison Mcafee was able to say “Send me home to England” and he was duly put on a flight to London instead of the US. Multiple citizenships provided Mcafee with a lifeline.

But those things could never happen to me……..

I suspect anyone who has faced legal issues from one country or another never expected that it could happen to them.

You could be involved in a traffic accident and accused of dangerous driving, some countries have strange laws that can result in your arrest and passport held. Countries in the Arab world, for example, can take a dim view of public displays of affection or pre-marital sex.

The point is……..shit happens!

Any one of us could be subject to unwanted legal problems. Insurance is not available at any price after the event.

Can I even get a second passport?

If you have an Irish, Polish or Italian ancestor you can apply for a second passport from your ancestor’s country.

You could live in another country for as little as 2 years to qualify for citizenship in some cases.

In some countries you can get citizenship by marriage or if you have a child born there that can also be a fast track to citizenship.

There are many options. If you’re in a hurry you can even buy a passport. There are multiple countries that will sell you a passport starting from around $100,000.

Citizenship by investment is also a possibility if you want to start a business somewhere else.

Any option will take a few months, at least so if you’d like this most valuable insurance the time to start doing your research is now.

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