how to get a russian passport

Marry a Russian for Instant Citizenship?

The Russian parliament has just made it easier to get a Russian passport.

In particular they have waived the requirement to renounce your citizenship of birth.

The new law also abolishes the requirement of 3 years residency for former Soviet citizens.

Also foreigners who live in Russia and are married to a Russian citizen will no longer have to wait 3 years to get a passport.

The Russian government has made it easier for citizens of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan to get Russian citizenship.

Citizens of these countries will be able to get a Russian passport with no length of stay requirements provided they have a valid residence permit.

Anyone who graduates from a Russian university only has to complete one year of employment down from three years previously.

The new law will come into force after it has been signed by the president.

The team at Offshore Fortress will be looking at this new law closely with our Russian legal partners to see exactly what opportunities this creates to add a Russian passport to your portfolio of passports.

While marrying a Russian to get instant citizenship may seem extreme to some, attending a Russian university to learn Russian for a year might be an interesting adventure for those so inclined.

There are also provisions for permanent residents of Estonia and Latvia to be fast tracked to Russian citizenship but it’s not clear whether that applies only to former citizens of the Soviet Union.

The Russian language requirement remains for those seeking Russian citizenship.

A Russian passport is a reasonable travel document, allowing visa free or visa on arrival travel to 121 countries.

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