Bearer Shares – The Ultimate Anonymity Tool

A bearer share is a share of a company which is owned by the person who physically holds the share certificate.

Normally shares are registered to a specific individual or legal entity and that individual or legal entity is entered on the company’s share register as the legal owner.

With bearer shares the company issues he shares to the bearer. It’s the share equivalent to a banknote.

A banknote is owned by the person who has it in their possession physically. Bearer shares have the same functionality.

Bearer shares were common throughout much of corporate history.

Unfortunately they’ve been outlawed in most of the world as they were seen as a way to avoid KYC and money laundering regulations.

If a company opened a bank account and the company’s shares were owned by the bearer then that account balance could change ownership simply by passing the corporate bearer share certificate to another person.

The only jurisdiction that offers unrestricted bearer shares is The Marshall Islands. Even there they are subject to more regulation than before.

The company is now required to keep records of the bearer share holders and produce those records to the resident agent on demand.

Panama still allows bearer shares but there ae restrictions on them. They must be held by a lawyer and any dividends paid to the owners of the bearer shares is subject to a 20% tax.

It’s impossible to open a bank account for a company with bearer shares. Even banks in The Marshall Islands won’t open accounts for company’s with bearer shares.

So what exactly can you do with a bearer share offshore company. They’re actually still pretty useful for privacy seekers. Let’s take a look at some potential uses:

  1. Ultimate Anonymity Tool

If you want to keep your affairs anonymous with nobody knowing who owns certain assets, then a bearer share company will be your ultimate anonymity tool.

The ownership of any kind of asset owned by the company can pass back and forth between colleagues as often as you want it to. The possibilities are endless if you use your imagination.

    2. Transfer Property Anonymously

Your bearer share company can buy real estate.

You can anonymously transfer real estate by handing over the shares in the company that owns it.

This can avoid property transfer taxes like stamp duty too.

The actual ownership of the property doesn’t ever change. The bearer share company still owns it but the owner of the bearer shares can change easily and as often as you need it to.

    3. Transfer Corporate Ownership

Your bearer share company can own other businesses.

If you need to transfer them quickly and hassle free you can simply hand over the share certificates of the ultimate offshore holding company.

When the bearer shares change hands the businesses have a new owner.

     4. Own Cryptocurrency

Your offshore bearer share company can own cryptocurrency.

If you don’t want to hold it as an individual the bearer share company can own the cryptocurrency.

You have plausible deniability if you need to deny the ownership of the cryptocurrency as it’s owned by the bearer share company and controlled by whoever has the bearer shares in their possession.

     5. Own Precious Metals

You can open a precious metals storage account with your bearer share company.

The ownership of your metals would change when the bearer shares are handed over to a new owner.

     6. Protect Assets from Creditors

Any creditor trying to track down assets would have no way to prove your ownership of the bearer share company.

Indeed, there’d be no way to prove that you’d ever owned it as no name was every entered on the company’s share register.

     7. Make The Owner of Any Asset Impossible to Trace

Anyone trying to trace the owner of an asset owned by the bearer share company would find it impossible.

In theory the ownership could change multiple times per day. The bearer shares could be passed between different entities and individuals and it wouldn’t be registered anywhere.

     8. Own and Transfer Other Securities

The bearer share company can own other financial assets.

It might be challenging to get a brokerage account opened, although we have some strategies for achieving this, but once you do you can buy any kind of financial asset.

The ultimate beneficial owner would be the holder of the bearer shares.

      9. Own a Safe Deposit Box

If you have some physical gold, silver or share certificates you can rent a safe deposit box at a non-bank institution in the name of the bearer share company.

All the goodies contained in the safe deposit box are, of course, owned by the holder of the bearer shares.

Set up a bearer share company to protect your assets. Get in touch now for more information: